Binge & Repeat: The kiddie con

Westport resident Melissa Joan Hart, known for her starring roles in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” “Melissa & Joey” and a number of holiday films recently found her way into my Netflix queue in her new series “No Good Nick.”
The family-friendly series follows a teenage girl, Nick, as she cons an unsuspecting family into taking her in so she can get revenge on the family, who believes she’s a distant cousin. Hart plays the Thompson family matriarch and a busy chef, Liz, who is initially reluctant about raising another teen. Sean Astin plays her goofy husband Ed who is a charmingly dorky dad.
When Nick first stumbles into the Thompson family’s lives she claims her parents died in a car accident and that as her closest living relatives, Child Services placed her with them. While Ed and daughter Molly are completely on board with helping Nick (it’s Molly’s thing), Liz and their son Jeremy are initially less than keen for the unexpected addition to the family. Throughout the season Jeremy distrusts Nick as she tries to scheme and scam money for her real foster parents and for her revenge scheme. However, Nick is a cunning character who can talk her way out of any disaster.
As the series progresses, Nick finds herself unexpectedly growing closer to her marks and find herself conflicted about moving forward with the con. “No Good Nick” is an amusing and kid-friendly romp that will leave the whole family in stitches. Younger viewers will get a thrill out of watching Nick get out of different jams while the Thompson family adjusts to their newest member. (Parents might also get some fun ideas from the show’s Chore Auction as well.)
The series is rated TV-PG. There are 10 episodes of “No Good Nick” available on Netflix. Viewers might also enjoy the family- friendly comedy “Alexa & Katie,” a series about two pals hiding a medical secret.